It is expected that you will leave the premises ready for immediate occupancy.  In order to eliminate any misunderstanding on charges made against your Security Deposit, you are requested to call us with any questions or concerns.  Please refer to your Move-In Condition Report that was completed when you moved in for comparison of the condition of the property when you moved in. 

For your convenience we have attached a 30 Day Notice form at the bottom of this page.

Below are some move-out requirements and if completed by you, we request receipts for verification: 

Professional Carpet Cleaning (Can be arranged by us.)

Professional Extermination for Pests

Complete Cleaning – Floor to Ceiling (Including all fixtures and walls.)

Replace all Broken or Cracked Windows/Glass

Replace or Repair Damaged/Bent Screens

Repair Damage/Holes to Walls & Ceilings

Clean Draperies/Blinds &Windows (Inside and out including tracks.)

Mow Lawn

Clean &Trim Exterior & Haul Away all Trash/Debris

If the property is left in good condition with the exception of normal wear-and-tear, there is no damage, and if your rent and utilities are paid in full your deposit will be returned to you with in 30 days of your keys being returned to us.

If cleaning and or repairs are need to the property after you vacate your deposit will be returned within 30 days of your keys being returned to us.

If we do not receive possession of the property on or before your 30 day notice is up you will be charged additional monies for rent.


If you have any questions, please contact us at Ex-cell Property Management LLC,

(208) 676-0900.

Thank You

30 Day Notice Form      

Re-Lease 30 Day Notice Form