Home Owners Associations & Condominium Management

With over 20 years of property management experience and being the owner of the company I have spent several years specializing in the management of Home Owners Associations and Condominiums.  I have worked with buildings and HOA’s of more than 350 units and maintained all common areas.  I work with many vendors in the community that do quality work and at a fair price.  I will handle all of your needs and attend all your Board Meetings. 

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Pioneer Ridge HOA                                

 Pioneer Ridge CCRS                                                                        North Ridge at Prairie Falls

                                                                                                           Rules & Regulations


Plat Map - Pioneer Ridge                                                           North Ridge at Prairie Falls Meetings

                                                                                               Prairie Falls meeting Minutes 3/7/2016          Prairie Falls Meeting Minutes 2/8/2017

                                                                                               Prairie Falls Meeting Minutes 3/15/17           Prairie Falls Meeting Minutes 6/14/17

                                                                                               Prairie Falls Meeting Mintues 8/15/16  

                                                                                              Prairie Falls Meeting Minutes 10/17/16

                                                                                              Prairie Falls Meeting Minutes 11/14/2016

 Pioneer Ridge Meeting Minutes                                             Prairie Falls Meeting Minutes 1/11/2017

                                                                                              Prairie Falls Metting Minutes 4/12/2017

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